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Eclipse Glasses

First you may wonder “How do I observe an eclipse, are eclipse glasses necessary?” The answer is yes and you should be informed of how to properly view a solar eclipse. Viewing the Sun without eclipse glasses or suitable eye protection is extremely dangerous and blinding.

We encourage everyone to use eclipse glasses, solar viewers, or some method to view the eclipse by projection. Popular projection methods include a pinhole camera, telescope with a solar filter, FedEx tube, or even looking into still water. Direct viewing can also be done with a welder’s glass grade 14 and above.

Do not under any circumstances use the following items to view a solar eclipse: X-ray film, photo film, floppy disc, CD’s, or double pairs of sunglasses.

More on safely viewing eclipses:

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Hot & Humid

If this will be your first time experiencing summer in Carbondale, you must be prepared. Typical August weather includes average temperatures from high 80’s to mid 90’s with a slight humidity index. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and take advantage of cooling stations around downtown. This event will attract thousands of people from around the globe, the heat mixed with the crowds are not to be taken lightly. In the event of extreme weather, you will need to have a plan to seek shelter.

If this is your first Total Solar Eclipse, avoid letting your primary objective be filming or photographing when the moon crosses the sun. There are many additional factors to consider to get that great shot.

Just as it unsafe to view the solar eclipse with your naked eyes, it is equally dangerous to view the eclipse through your camera or viewfinder. Without the proper filters on your camera, there is a high risk that you might burn out your camera’s image sensor or even your cell phone.

Professionals and Eclipse Chasers tend to travel with multiple cameras and lenses with very long focal lengths allowing for different perspectives and exposures. These photographers often plan their shot a year in advance by visiting the location at least once prior to the event to gauge visibility and potential obstructions. After the eclipse passes and the event is over, photographers then spend hours of digitally post-processing their images.

Let your first Total Solar Eclipse be a time to enjoy this natural phenomenon. ENJOY IT! Your first totality experience will be your most memorable. We advise that you do not rob yourself of witnessing this astronomical wonder. There will always be another Total Solar Eclipse; in fact, you can join us for the next one on April 8, 2024.

Three Key Tips:

  • DO NOT USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! You will ruin the experience for everyone around you.
  • Use suitable equipment including a solid tripod, solar filters, and a long focal length lens.
  • Ensure your equipment is charged or that you have additional batteries.

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Emergency Resources

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